Monday, June 21

Spotify AI tells you how poor your audio flavor is

Spotify AI tells you how poor your audio flavor is

Someone properly trained an AI to be that human being.

The bot “How Poor is Your Spotify,” introduced to you by digital publication Pudding, will evaluate your Spotify account and give you its thoughts on just how cringe-deserving your style in audio is.

That is, if you give it authorization to obtain your profile — and if you are outfitted to manage staying roasted mercilessly by a bot in a 12 months when, frankly, listening to questionable songs is just a further way of coping with… *gestures at universe.*

This bot has no tolerance for any of your responsible pleasures. If it sees as well considerably Taylor Swift (and let us deal with it, it probably will), it’s going to point that out. It’ll wonder, with a disparaging air of incredulity, if you hear to sure songs. It’ll also respond to some of your most-played songs asking you if you’re Alright — a issue we are all quite plainly not in 2020. So that feels gratuitous.

Finally, the AI will convey to you just how bad your style in songs is, qualifying it with labels that experience oddly certain, which include, but not restricted to, “learns-about-rap-from-tiktok terrible” or “scented-candle-and-challenging-seltzer poor.”

Spotify’s “2020 Wrapped” was all good reinforcement, neatly packaged and made to share on social, but individuals who go by way of the dragging that is “How Poor is Your Spotify” are also sharing their outcomes on social media to show just how tricky the AI arrived for them.

If you want to be bullied by a piece of technologies nowadays, be our guest.

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