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10 Facts About Famous Poet Mirza Ghalib on His Birth Anniversary

10 Facts About Famous Poet Mirza Ghalib on His Birth Anniversary

It is the delivery anniversary of the timeless poet Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan popularly recognised as Mirza Ghalib. More than 15 a long time right after his demise, the poet Ghalib nevertheless continues to be applicable and well known between his Urdu-talking enthusiasts.

Ghalib has both of those youthful and previous admirers. His poetry ranges from romance to the deeper which means of lifestyle. In this article are some facts about a single of the most esteemed poets of the Urdu language.

1. Ghalib’s grandfather was a Seljuq Turk who experienced migrated to India and settled in existing-working day Agra. Turk from his father’s aspect, Ghalib was also Kashmiri as his mother Izzat-ut-Nisa Begum was from the location.

2. The poet was born on December 27, 1797, in Akbarabad (present-day Agra). When Ghalib was five a long time previous, his father died in a fight. His uncle Mirza Nasrullah Baig took care of Ghalib but he also passed away 4 several years later on.

3. Mulla Abdussamad gave him lessons in Arabic, Persian and philosophy and Ghalib never gained formal training.

4. He wrote in each Urdu and Persian but is predominantly recognized for his get the job done in the Urdu language.

5. At age 13, Ghalib was married to Umrao Begum who was in her pre-teens. In contrast to her husband, Umrao followed religion strictly.

6. Ghalib and Umrao had seven children together. On the other hand, all of them died in infancy.

7. When his spouse and children was in want of lodging, the home of Ghalib (Ghalib ki Haveli) which exists in Previous Delhi was offered to him by the sister of Nawab of Loharu.

8. The poet was given the title of ‘Dabir-ul-Mulk’ by Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1850.

9. He confronted fiscal instability most of his life. Ghalib utilized to get support from nobility and his uncle’s governing administration pension was irregular and meagre.

10. He died in 1869 when he was 71 decades aged. His grave is called Mazar-i-Ghalib.

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