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Mexico Farm Lobby Blasts Ban On GMO Corn Natural and organic Growers Welcome It

Mexico Farm Lobby Blasts Ban On GMO Corn Natural and organic Growers Welcome It

MONTERREY, Mexico: Mexico’s primary agricultural foyer on Saturday criticized the government’s determination to ban genetically modified corn, while natural growers hailed the transfer that ought to shield scaled-down farmers.

Mexico will “revoke and refrain from granting permits for the launch of genetically modified corn seeds into the atmosphere,” mentioned a decree issued Thursday evening, which also mandated the section out of GMO corn imports by 2024.

Proponents of GMO corn say the ban on domestic cultivation would limit the choices of Mexican farmers, even though phasing out its importation could imperil the food items chain.

“The deficiency of accessibility to production options puts us at a disadvantage when compared to our opponents, these kinds of as corn farmers in the United States,” reported Laura Tamayo, spokeswoman for Mexico’s Nationwide Farm Council.

“On the other hand, the import of genetically modified grain from the U.S. is necessary for a lot of solutions in the agrifood chain,” added Tamayo, also a regional company director for Bayer, whose agrochemical unit Monsanto makes weedkiller Roundup and the GMO corn intended to endure application of the pesticide.

Opponents of genetically modified crops celebrated the ban.

“It’s a huge victory,” stated Homero Blas, head of Mexico’s Natural Producers’ Culture.

Opponents of GMO crops say they contaminate age-old indigenous types of corn and persuade the use of dangerous pesticides that endanger general public well being and damage biodiversity.

Mexico is mainly self-adequate in white corn utilised to make the country’s staple tortillas, but depends on imports of primarily GMO yellow corn from the United States for livestock feed.

It was unclear whether or not the decree will section out imported GMO corn for livestock, or no matter if the procedures will only utilize to corn grown for human usage.

The procedures mandate a stage out by 2024 of the use of the herbicide glyphosate, utilised in Roundup, the very same year that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador leaves office.

Bayer agreed to fork out as significantly as $10.9 billion to settle close to 100,000 U.S. lawsuits saying that Roundup brought about most cancers.

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