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Basic Hygiene Norms to be Followed Before You Workout

Basic Hygiene Norms to be Followed Before You Workout

There is none who does not want to attain washboard abs and toned physique. So, it is but natural that every fitness enthusiast is heading towards their strict workout routine. But are you mindful about the hygiene as well? Especially in these times of pandemic, it is all the more important that you take care of your hygiene along with health.

After all, health and hygiene go hand-in-hand. You cannot ignore hygiene and focus only on being a fitness enthusiast or a health-conscious person.

Why don’t you take a quick look at the necessary pre-workout hygiene guidelines and see if you are following the same?

Here are some hygiene rules before a workout:

No make-up:

Before diving into your workout regime, make sure to not apply any make-up. The sweat causes discomfort; it reacts with the make-up, prevents your skin from breathing, and blocks pores. The excess oil leads to skin break out in turn.

Carry water in a good bottle:

It is advisable to not carry water in plastic bottles. Use a metal bottle instead. Copper preferably. Wash the bottle with luke-warm water.

Wear cotton, lose fitting clothes and take a shower:

Do take a shower before working out as well. Put on dry cotton clothes instead of damp ones. Don’t wear tight clothes. Often post work out, we get so fatigued that we tend to skip our hygiene routine. Don’t crash on your couch right after working out. Change out of your sweaty clothes, wash your face, and take a shower. Get into dry, fresh set of clothes to avoid clogging of pores or bacterial build-up.

Scrub feet and hands:

Thoroughly wash your hands and feet before as well as after work out, with a good soap or hand wash. Use antifungal powder after cleaning your toes to safeguard it from bugs or fungus.

Carry a fresh, dry towel:

Make it a point to have a clean, dry towel handy. If you are going out far, to workout, carry it in your bag with you.

Wipe the equipment before starting to work out:

Use antibacterial wipes, sanitizer sprays to stay away from germs, before touching the equipment. You can use a disinfectant of your choice to ensure hygiene in the environment around you.

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