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Remaining a TikTok influencer without the web

Remaining a TikTok influencer without the web

What is it like remaining a social media influencer in a single of the most militarised and minimum digitally related spots on earth? Wasil is a popular social media influencer who life in Jammu Kashmir.

For far more than a 12 months the Indian federal government has slowed the world-wide-web down and blocked 4G providers in the location.

At situations the world wide web has been slice off totally. It would make building and uploading articles incredibly tricky, as Reha Kansara stories for BBC Trending and BBC Minute.

The Indian govt states the steps are important to clamp down on militants – but rights organisations simply call them a serious breach of civil liberties. It is section of an ongoing conflict in the region that dates back again to the Partition of British India in 1947, when British India and recently established Pakistan both of those claimed the location as theirs.

Video Journalist: Olivia Le Poidevin

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