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The exiles: Hong Kong at a crossroads

The exiles: Hong Kong at a crossroads

Hong Kong professional-democracy protesters with British countrywide abroad (BNO) passports now deal with a stark option.

Do they acquire the opportunity, now open to them, to flee to the United Kingdom and start a new lifestyle?

Or do they stay and keep on to try to struggle for greater autonomy from China?

The United kingdom relaxed visa procedures letting people with colonial-period BNO position, and their shut relatives, to pursue a route to United kingdom citizenship.

The transfer was introduced in July very last year in response to a sweeping national safety regulation passed by Beijing, which critics say has been used to silent dissent.

China claims the law has restored security to Hong Kong, and termed the Uk visa scheme a violation of sovereignty and gross interference in its inner affairs.

This is the story of two pro-democracy protesters possessing to make the determination to stay or to go. Names have been improved to protect their identification.

Produced by: Grace TsoiDirected, filmed and edited by: Wei WangGovernment producer: Rebecca Henschke

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