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Sorts of salts that nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar would like you to have each day

Sorts of salts that nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar would like you to have each day

For very long, we have been warned about the facet-consequences of having extra salt. Most of us have also consciously lower back again on our use to stay nutritious.

From bloating, fat acquire, drinking water retention, possessing excessive salt has been linked to wellness issues. But, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar feels normally.

In a single of her latest posts on Instagram, the famed nutritionist talked about the need to have to carry back again the diversity of salt and not merely cutting back again on our salt ingestion in a working day. We reveal to you the advantages of the exact same.

How many types of salts can you have?

As for every Ayurveda, we can take pleasure in 6 unique tastes – sweet-bitter, sour, astringent, pungent and salty. And salt, as we all know, remains to be a person of the most important components in cooking. Numerous styles of salts have also been utilised for ages for their medicinal values.

In point, you will be shocked to know that yogis use 5 forms of salt in their everyday program to development in their yoga practice. The 5 salts applied by them include saindhava, samudra, suvarchala, vida and romaka. The use of these salts can advantage us in various methods. Some of the rewards involve.

– Helps in keeping the nerves strong

– Sustain the electrolyte stability in the physique

– Helps in lessening bloating and cramping

– Can help with digestion difficulties, like IBS

Not only are they abundant in vitamins and well being positive aspects, we convey to you some super easy ways to involve them in your diet:


Normally identified as sendha namak, saindhava salt is utilised for cooking for the duration of fasting days. It is made use of for cooking arbi, suran, rajgira, kuttu, aloo and many others.


Also identified as sea salt or jaada namak, samudra salt is made use of to soak dals and pulses. It is also utilized for bathing.

Suvarchala (black salt)

Black salt is employed in sherbets, for gargling and for creating chutneys

Vida and Romaka salt

These two salts are utilized for therapeutic functions.

Other strategies salt aids us

Salt will help in the digestion, assimilation and excretion of the food stuff. This is why, when a person is constipated, they crave far more salt.

Feeding on much less salt would make you crave for meetha

Acquiring a small salt diet program can make you crave more for meetha. Why does that transpire? As for each Ayurveda, the right after style of salt is madhura (sweet) and hence when we have considerably less salt in our foods, we crave one thing sweet afterwards.

What about iodised salt?

Bringing back again the diversity of salt does not imply that a single really should lower back on or not use the iodised salt. A person will have to proceed obtaining the iodised salt and also incorporate other salts in their day by day foods. Not which include a range of salts, would make you miss out on on a assortment of health positive aspects.


Salt is no villain and should be a section of our each day eating plan. Make confident to involve at the very least 4 varieties of salt in your frequent food plan including black salt, table salt, sea salt and rock salt.

What you must don’t forget

Keep away from eating packaged foodstuff goods. For the reason that when you do that, you consume also significantly more salt than you need, devoid of even realising it.

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